About the project

A “European School around the World, ESAW, is a project focused on the creation of a sense of belonging to the European Union through the knowledge of different cultural, religious, and ethnic backgrounds ranges and the promotion and re-evaluation of local traditions and cultures through different and sometimes far European countries. The idea is to support students with the right skills and knowledge for the creation of a European school travel agency with special attention to cultural tourism.



Each country will be partner and tour operator of this mock agency. The project aims to create a sector skills alliances between education and training providers and the world of work aimed at promoting employability, contributing to the creation of new sector-specific or cross-sectored curricula, developing innovative methods of vocational teaching. The needs of this project are to foster quality improvements, innovation excellence and internationalization, in particular through enhanced transnational cooperation between education and training providers and the world of work aimed at promoting creativity, innovation, work-based learning and entrepreneurship by offering relevant learning opportunities, including developing new curricula and pedagogical approaches.

The objectives are:

Make a mock Entrepreneurship and build an entrepreneurial skill in the participating students; develop new, innovative and multidisciplinary approaches to teaching and learning; promote the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) for learning and related digital competences; improve the teaching and learning of languages and promote the Union’s broad linguistic diversity and intercultural awareness; promote learn to learn; increase language competences among learners; promote the use of Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL); foster multidisciplinary and inter-disciplinary approaches; promote Diversity of Cultural Expressions; help students to become aware of job prospects; promote leadership, teamwork, collaboration, cooperation; promote the professional development of the staff by acquiring project management skills through project work, sharing best teaching practices and getting to know different school systems; reduce disparities in learning outcomes affecting learners from disadvantaged backgrounds, with fewer opportunities, including learners with disabilities; incentivize the citizenship and the feeling of belonging to Europe.

Work Process

The project involves students (16-18 years old) and teachers of high school. In order to achieve the aims of the project, students will be engaged in a variety of activities: first a training activity that will be preparatory to the other phases, through CLIL lessons that will in particular concern of: jurisprudence, business, art, geography and IT; each activity will be developed through the use of ICT, that could be more motivating for the students; create a project logo; mock enterprise: establish a transnational tourist-cultural agency; create a multimedia application-travel guide using the Java programming language; training workshops for the creation of travel guide; create an e-platform, where the participants of all institutions will share their experiences; create an internet site that will be the vehicle of all the products. Each partner will: be a cultural tour operator of his own country and he will prepare a tourist product containing specificities of his country; make a brochure with the help of professional experts recruits among the partners; realise the tourist itineraries; promote activities of Marketing and Advertising to “sell” its products.

Methodology The methodology used aims to promote: self learning for students , where teacher will be a learning facilitator; learn a competence starting from real and contextualized problem; encourage lab practice in the educational process; develop a new way of teaching with the storytelling; integrate language learning in everyday exchange and effective communication, capitalizing on the student’s process to educate them to an entrepreneurial spirit; develop a new way of teaching with the storytelling; spread innovations among the teachers.

Expected Results

Project will lead to a number of results and outcomes such as increase of language competences; development of the relationshipwise abilities; increase the self-entrepreneurship; approach the world of work; increase study motivation. The final product will be the creation of guidelines for the realization of an innovative transnational, cultural and tourist agency, in which all the partners will play an active role in presenting and sponsoring their own country as a whole. The project website will be the major platform for dissemination of all the results. All the outcomes will be uploaded gradually, and they will reach a wider audience not only in the partners’ school but even outside them, in their social and economic context.

Project: 2016-1-IT02-KA201-024467


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