The 3rd Learning/ Teaching /Training Activities Meeting in Hudiksvall, Sweden

“Two Tourist Packages from each partner school presented in Sweden.” In the seaside town of Hudiksvall, Sweden, a group of 3 teachers and 5 pupils from each partner as well as two representatives from the Education and Training Network in Italy attended the second transnational training / teaching activity from October 2-8, 2017. The meeting took place at the vocational school “Bromangymnasiet”, a model school not only for the logistical infrastructure but also for depicting that the educational system is a priority for Sweden. Among others the strengthening of internationalization and the European orientation of education are obvious. The project’s work consisted of the presentation of two seven-day tourist packages for the town of each partner that is Vieste in Italy, Trikala in Greece, Gap in France, Seville in Spain and of course the host, Hudiksvall in Sweden. Moreover the positive effects of the specific project in each school and the work carried out during the first year were presented. In their presentations each one concluded that strong bonds are being created among the students and teachers of the project, everybody is overcoming the language barrier and the whole project , taking flesh and blood, appears even more interesting than in the beginning for every participant. The students, guided by their teachers, get to work in a specific branch of entrepreneurship learning quite a lot about the tourist industry in a European framework. Specific effects of the work done up until now are the creation of a Website and its regular updating, the inclusion of a course plan in the entrepreneurship curriculum and the actions required for the creation of a tourist agency until its creation in a virtual form, training in digital storytelling for teachers, etc. Once again, the multiple benefits have emerged, especially for students who, with the guidance of their teachers, have created a digital storytelling video to promote their tourist packages –one from each country–after watching a short but a comprehensive marketing teacher’s suggestion from the host school about the value and feasibility of digital storytelling. Special thanks to the host country and the warm Swedish team who gladly organized our hospitality and program agenda in the best possible way and proved without doubt that the Swedes, although living in a country known for its cold climate, are very “warm hearted”people.

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