The second Transnational Meeting in Seville, Spain

The 2nd Transnational Meeting in Seville   In the framework of the two year Erasmus + project KA201 “A European School Around The World (ESAW) implemented by five European Schools from Italy, Spain, Greece, Sweden and France and two Education and Training Networks in Italy and Bulgaria the 2nd Transnational Meeting of Partners was held in the capital of Andalusia, the beautiful Seville. A key innovation of the partnership is the close link between school and workplace and the enhancement of students’ entrepreneurship. From November 27 to December 1, delegations of the five schools participated in the work that took place at the school IES PUNTA DEL VERDE. The purpose of the meeting was to check the progress of fulfillment of the obligations arising from the signed contract and the further planning of the work until the completion of the program. The program’s website,, as well as a sample of the multimedia application “Sightseeing in my hometown”, implemented by the IT sector of the 1 st Evening Vocational High School of Trikala, an application that is also one from the program deliverables, were presented. At the same time, the TRELLO platform, which is used as a communication space for the partners and the dissemination of the program deliverables, was presented by an ETN representative. Furthermore every partner school delivered a short digital storytelling video to promote their tourist packages complete and ready to advertise the tourist agency’s products. Deliverables include, among other things, the electronic guide (e-book) of the five tourist agencies that serve as branches of the central virtual travel agency, a multimedia application for mobiles that will create the Spanish school and an electronic brochure, “e brochure”, for the promotion of the agencies’ tourist packages. The next transnational training / teaching / learning activity involving pupils and teachers from all partner schools will be held in Trikala, Greece,  from 19 to 25 February. The work of the project culminates in its completion in October 2018. A warm thanks to the Spanish school for the reception and the flawless organization of the meeting.

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