The 5th Learning/ Teaching /Training Activities Meeting in Seville, Spain

The 5th meeting of learning, training and teaching activities for the Erasmus + project “A European School Around The World (ESAW)took place in Seville, the capital of Andalusia, built on the banks of the River Guadalquivir, from 17 to 23 March 2018. The purpose of the program, the creation of a virtual tourism agency, is heading towards its completion. An important step is the design of an application for mobile phones – Simulated Travel Agency mobile app – from the IT sector of the Spanish school IES PUNTA DEL VERDE. Graduates of the school presented in real time the use and capabilities of two different applications of the virtual travel agency – one for android and another for iOS mobile phones in a multiplier event at the “Collegio Official de Arquitectos de Sevilla” in the presence of official foreign and local guests besides the delegations of the five European schools from Italy, Spain, Greece, Sweden and France participating in the project. Furthermore, the multimedia application- website “Sightseeing in my hometown” – a travel guide for the city of each partner school using Google Maps, the Google Builder Tour (Google) Earth) and the educational platform for the creation of video quiz “Edpuzzle” developed by the IT sector of the 1st Esperino EPAL of Trikala presented at a similar multiplier event. is among the program’s outputs. One more output is the pedagogical tool “Digital Storytelling for Schools “- composed by the Bulgarian project partner, ETN Bulgaria Gateway. In addition, the guidelines for the completion of the e-brochure and e-catalog for the promotion of the tourist packages of the agency, another final product composed by the Swedish school, were given. Along with the work of the project, we went sightseeing in Seville, which continues to enchant you as many times as you visit it. The city was getting ready for the Holy Week of Catholics – “Semana Santa de Sevilla”, which together with “Feria de Abril” are the two biggest festivities in the city. From Torre del Oro (Golden Tower), crossing Guadalquivir, we reached the most authentic quarter of the city, the Triana of the Gypsies, through the homonymous bridge. At the Museum of Fine Arts we enjoyed works of art from the Middle Ages until the 20th century, with emphasis on the golden age (17th century) and the famous painters Murillo, Francisco de Herrera and Zurbarán. In the historical center of the city we visited the Cathedral, the third largest temple of Christianity and the largest Gothic temple in the world, known as “La Giralda” (which means “the one that turns” because of the statue at its top and turns accordingly with the wind). We headed to Alcazar – the Arab castle of the city that includes the Arab palace and its famous gardens. We crossed the Maria Louise Park and strolled in the sunny Plaza de Espana. Behind the Cathedral, walking around Santa Cruz, the Seville Jewish District, we discovered the “hidden Seville”, the famous Sevillian “patios”, the Arabic style courtyards and a characteristic monument for its unique architecture, the church of Santa María la Blanca originally built as a Jewish synagogue in the 13th century. Our tour also led us to the northern exit of the city, which today preserves the remains of “Italica”, the aristocratic suburb of Roman times from which emperors Trajan and Adrian came and was recently used as a natural setting for the shooting of the popular series “Game of Thrones “. We arrived at the seaside town of Cadiz, which is very much the same as the ancient city of Gadéira, the largest port at the time when Christopher Columbus discovered the New World, built in a narrow strip of land overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. The city belongs to the network of the most ancient European cities with archaeological finds from 3,100. The days passed rapidly in a destination it seems you can never have enough of, leaving us with the secret hope that Seville will welcome us again in the future. Many thanks to the Spanish school for the reception and impeccable organization of the meeting. The project will come to an end in Vieste, Puglia, Italy, home of the coordinator, “Istituto di Istruzione Superiore” L.Fazzini-V.Giuliani, in September 2018.

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  1. Thank you for your beautiful words and nice report of your stay in Seville. You all know you will always be welcome.

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