The 6th Learning/ Teaching /Training Activities Meeting in Vieste, Italy

The “Virtual European Travel Agency” is being completed In September, and while the temperature remained high for the season, delegations of 4 schools and 2 organizations traveled to one of Puglia’s most popular summer resorts, in Vieste, for the final meeting of the Erasmus + KA201 European Program entitled “A European School Around The World (ESAW). From 17 to 23 September 2018, teachers and pupils from all partner countries participated in the final presentation of the virtual European Travel Agency held at the school of the coordinator, “Istituto di Istruzione Superiore” L.Fazzini-V.Giuliani “. In the crowded amphitheater of the school in the presence of the local authorities, the Director of Primary and Secondary Education of the region, representatives of the Tourism and foreign guests, except for the delegations of the five European schools involved in the program, the final presentation of the outputs and then the multiplier event regarding the educational tool “Digital Storytelling for Schools” – developed by the Bulgarian partner of the project, ETN Bulgaria Gateway in Sofia. Other equally important deliverables of the program are:
  • Sightseeing in my hometown – a travel guide for the city of each partner school that designed the 1st Evening EPAL of Trikala.
  • An application for mobile phones – Simulated Travel Agency mobile app – from the IT sector of the Spanish school IES PUNTA DEL VERDE in Seville.
  • The electronic brochure, “e-brochure”
  • The electronic catalog “e-catalog”, to promote the tourist packages of each partner city of the agency, both the creation of the Swedish school “Bromangymnasiet” from the city of Hudiksvall in Sweden.
  • Guidelines for the creation of all deliverables, as prepared by each partner respectively and presented in total by the French school “Lycée des métiers Sévigné” from Gap with the application of madmagz. All these and much more can be seen on the website of the project for which is responsible the 1st Evening EPAL of Trikala. Despite the tremendous work of teachers to prepare for the final report and the closure of the program, everyone enjoyed the picturesque narrow streets of the old town, the tour of the Greno-Roman colony Rodi Garganico and the beautiful Peschici. During the planned boat ride on the coastline, the early rainy weather turned into an ally for us to enjoy the beauties of the area even more. Exiting the lighthouse of Agia Efimia we ended up in the famous caves of the area, which reminded us of something of the blue caves of Zakynthos But nothing lasts for ever! On September 23, we said goodbye to the friends we have made during the last two years along with the wonderful love story of Cristalda and Pizzomunno, a trademark of Vieste.  

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